VoIP Retail Services

Media Exchange has also started its own VoIP phone service system (TelMex) which enables the users to call their relatives, friends or customers free of charge. All the subscribers achive an individual phone number in the are code of their place of residence. After the activation it functions exactly the same way as the normal, analog landline number provided by the former phone service provider.

The "TelMex" phone services enables you or your company to achive a significant saving on the cost of the telecommunication services such as international, long distance, local and mobile calls and fax services.

The "TelMex" phone system can be used by any phone equipment developed for VoIP use or by any regular phone using an analog telephone adapter (ATA). The way of making a call is completely the same that you are already used to, there is no need to dial complicated pre-dial codes. You just simply pick up the receiver and dial the number. We also provide a standard landline number with area code for our subscribers that can be called from all over the world.

PLease, get in touch for the details!